Friday, March 19, 2010


Once Arjuna asked to lord Krishna
"hai,krishnaa, you always appreciate the karna too much for being an enormous donator and the extreme courageous but no body can see the massive donator like Yudhishttira." Shri Krishna thinks for a moment and in subsequently he said- this time you will get your answer tomorrow.

On next day after get in the appearance of Brahmin, Arjuna and Shri Krishna firstly entered in to Udhishttira's palace.Yudhishttira expressed the great owner to both of the Brahmans and asked "hai vipra, what can I do for you? Order Me.! Two brahmins (Arjuna and Krishna) ask him for the woods of chandan to cook his food by himself for lunch.

King (Yudhishttira) spokes, both of you please take your seats, the woods of chandan are going to arrange soon. And king acquaint with his men to arrange the woods of chandan. All the men search the markets of the entire conurbation but all the woods are wet because of the last night rain. That’s why the men came back vacant and with the great embarrassment they convey all the information to their king.

Although the time is fleeting, that is also one of the problems for the king owing to which king is in heartrending. Both the Brahmins solicit to the king that we will take the food tomorrow there is no problem. Because of the last night rain, all the wood are wet that’s why that may be unavailable. Afterward both the Brahmins moved from there and went to the karna's palace.

Karna salute both of the Brahmins in blasting manner and asked how can I serve you? We are hungry and we cook our food by ourselves using woods of chandan so can you arrange the wood? Karan said- that’s it, you take your seats. Afterward he took his archery and an arrow and throws that arrow into his mahal gate, which is of wood of chandan. The gate is fully shattered.

Then karna asked the Brahmins in what amount you want the wood you can take. Brahmin took the wood and after having the food they give their blessing to the Karna.

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